A Slight Risk /2012


A SLIGHT RISK by Paris Erotokritou, Kypria International Festival

A Slight Risk was one of the three theatre productions selected for the 2012 Kypria International Arts Festival that marked the cultural aspect of the 2012 Cyprus European Union Presidency. With this production Fresh Target Theatre realized one of its initial aims, which was to bring together theatre artists and creatives from different countries under a common project;  A Slight Risk engaged actors and theatre artists from UK, Greece, Cyprus and the U.S.

A Slight Risk is a political state-of-the nation play that dares to examine an aspect of Cypriot inter-communal politics and neo-colonialist phenomena, outside the folklore and self-righteous context that are usually placed in. The play has as its starting point George Seferis’ poem ‘At the outskirts of Kerynia – Sketch for an Idyll’ and the infamous Orams case. The action takes place at a village in Kerynia in the north of Cyprus in 2004 and bursts open the clichés of a moneyed middle-aged ex-pat couple who moved to a villa there, to spend the rest of their lives in a place ‘by the sea and under the sun’.

A Slight Risk gave two performances in October 2012 in the Skali Open Amphitheatre in Nicosia, in the context of the Kypria International Festival and received raving reviews from the press and an exciting welcome from the audience. 

'The production made us believe in something that a few years ago seemed almost impossible: that it is possible for a 'homegrown' Cypriot theatre production (playtext, direction, stage design, multimedia) to be so relevant and of such a high standard so as to be able to travel to major international festivals'

Phileleftheros #1 E.P

'The characters of Slight Risk talk like real human beings and not as caricatures shaped by political/ideological/national preconceptions. The play manages to avoid the danger of one-sided political and ideological stereotypes'

Phileleftheros #2 E.M

Cast and creatives: 


Pip Utton (UK)

Mae Brogan (UK)

Patrick Myles (UK)

Alkis Kritikos (UK/CY)

Leuteris Zabetakis (GR)

Daphne Alexander (UK/CY)


Director: Paris Erotokritou

Assistant Director: Nedie Antoniades

Set Design/Costumes: Socratis Socratous

Lighting Design: Anna Papayianni

Movement Director: Mariella Nestora

Sound Design: Antonis Antoniou

Multimedia/Graphics: George Ioannou

Mask Design: Clio Alphas

Voice Over: Alexia Paraskeva

Production Coordinator: Eleni Xenou

Production Managers: Yiannis Gavrielides, George M. Ioannou.

Scene Construction: Brass Fine Art Ltd

Production: Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble



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